Slow Drives

Driving very slowly on country roads has always been a good thing to do around here. It’s just so incredibly gorgeous. I remember back in college that’s what we did best. We would just drive around, listening to music. It’s sort of like staring out a window, but you are moving. Yesterday the clouds were incredible. We drove to a farm stand. We drove along the river. We got ice cream. If you read the news, it felt like the world was ending, but in the car, you could just drive.


  1. Now that I rarely go anywhere I actually miss driving distances. Whether it be listening to books, podcasts, or music during deliveries, etc, making deliveries or picking up ingredients was often a pleasure. And, when listening to music I feel like it was akin to the shower where everything else fades away and you can just think…great ideas, simple reflections, or just plain quiet calm. ❤

  2. This is the reason why when you went away and never came back. You fell in love with the area and never wanted to leave.


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