Currant Events

These are red lake currants, they grow very easily, and, for some odd reason, no one seems to snack on them except me. They are a pain to pick, because all the berries don’t ripen at once. I’ll admit that picking them is a tedious task, but it’s worth the few jars of jelly or the handful scattered on a mixed fruit tart. I try to get out every morning when it’s still shady and spend ten or fifteen minutes picking them. Fruit always amazes me–these translucent ruby orbs, how is it even possible?


  1. Well I remember planting three red currant bushes. They grew so well & so easily. One day Rosemary Schaeffer came over to pick some and after an hour we got tired, but had not even done half the bush. That tells you a lot about red currant bushes.


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