Summer Doldrums

A few weeks later, not green but tans, yellows and ochres are starting to show in the canvas. We are … More

Queen Green

Right now there is nothing but green. Sure, there are flowers in gardens, but when you walk in the woods, … More

Everything Softens

This week I noticed that everything is soft. I find myself touching things again–hands free from cold and gloves. The … More

Halfway to Spring

1/24-1/30 I am amazed by how the river changes every day. Sometimes drastically. The Coast Guard ice chopper has been … More

Arctic Chill

1/17-1/23 Today started at zero, and maybe we’re at ten degrees by noon. The wind has picked up, too. On … More

River Ice

It is very cold, very crisp. Ice is everywhere. The trail parking lots are ice skating rinks, and we walk … More

Needle Ice

January 3 – 9 Perfect winter sun today. Frost everywhere on hummocks of sand-colored grass, twinkling in the sunlight, turning … More

The Green That Is Left

December 14, 2021 Yesterday was warm, today is warm, tomorrow will be warmer. Where is December? It’s been lingering between … More