Walkwright, n. a person who writes walks.

An almost daily routine of mine is to walk and then write about the walk. I record what I see in the natural world, whether it’s a hike in the mountains or a stroll down my road. I believe this has many incredible benefits. Walking increases creativity, clears your thoughts, promotes mindfulness, along with other many noted health benefits. Keeping a (relatively) daily journal is, on the whole, good for the soul. Being outside every day, even if it’s raining or cold, is also important. We need to connect to the outside world regularly–not just passing through it while getting from point A to point B. That nature is our nature, and it’s important to maintain that connection.

Mainly, I walk alone, but I thought it would be nice to invite others to walk and write with me every once in a while. It is usually a walk that is not too strenuous or long. Along the way, we’ll study the native flora and share what we know. We will reach a beautiful spot that is perfect for writing. After we’ll share our words (if you want). There is no critiquing. There is just listening and appreciating. These walks are free, and open to anyone. Snacks may be involved. Please sign up below to get on the mailing list if you are interested!