The Hills Are Alive

Frost covered the thick layer of leaves as I headed out on the trail. The meadow by the parking lot … More

Pilgrimage for Truth

On Sunday morning, I decided to walk up the mountain. In all the years I have lived in my house, … More

Don’t Stop Walking

Back in March, when everything closed, people took up walking because there was nothing else to do. Walking suddenly became … More

Solid Ground

I have no idea what I want to say today. Usually I have an idea that bubbles up in the … More

Saving Seeds

What do you do when life feels out of balance? You keep on doing what you always do, oddly. Thankfully, … More

Spirit of Place

For a while now, I have been taking very long walks on Sunday mornings. It’s when I can have a … More

Glorious Fall

Early in the week, it rained. Although I welcome the rain, it didn’t make getting through the day any easier. … More

Death in the Woods

The other day there was a foul stench in the woods. There’s something dead in there, I said to my … More