Crickets Quiet

September 20 The evening walk will soon disappear, and my routine will have to change completely. Sunset is at 6:58 … More

Real News

Isn’t it wonderful that every spring is exciting? It never gets old. And no one ever says, gosh, this spring … More

Shade Fall

This spring has been heartbreakingly beautiful. Is it truly this stunning? Or is it outlined with the brush marks of … More

Local Beauty

The other day I went for a hike at a nearby state park. It was a Sunday, and I made … More

April Flowers

Spring is truly a miracle in these parts. It’s the best drug there is. That people aren’t walking around in … More

Spring Break

I’ve taken a break here for a few weeks, and at first it was hard and now it’s hard to … More


Where are you? What’s the weather like by you right now? Let me tell you what it’s like in lower … More