The Green That Is Left

December 14, 2021 Yesterday was warm, today is warm, tomorrow will be warmer. Where is December? It’s been lingering between … More

Empty Nests

December 7, 2021 I went out at 10 a.m. up on the ridge. It was cold, blue skies were giving … More

Ice and Snow

November 23, 2021 I’ve been waiting for it, and today it appeared: ice. This morning was 25 degrees, and it … More

Winter Wind

November 19, 2021 Cold again–almost bitter–dense clouds, bits of pale blue, shafts of light that peek out, a constant cold … More

Cold Wood Smoke

October 29, 2021 Last night it smelled properly like October, and I took deep lungfuls of the cold smoky air … More

Witch Hazel Blooms

October 18, 2021 Delightfully cold out, though we went from summer to winter. The wind is brisk today, and dark … More