Glorious Fall

Early in the week, it rained. Although I welcome the rain, it didn’t make getting through the day any easier. Yesterday and today, however, are just unbelievably beautiful fall days. You can never truly capture the essence of the heart-squeezing beauty that is a gorgeous fall day in the Northeast. On a walk up on the ridge this morning, I could tell as we reached the top where we were in the seasonal time line. Up there, the leaves are mostly gone. All except for the oaks, which hold on for a lot longer than everything else.

The air smells like damp leaves, there’s tannin and mushroom and moldy smells. There’s also a fresh wet smell from all the rain we got the other day. The leaves sound amazing, too–a nice cool breeze that’s just a step above gentle swishes around the drying leaves making a dreamy rustling sound. The wind also rushes leaves along the path as you go. And don’t forget how nice it is to walk through a deep pile of crispy, crunchy leaves. Their smell wafts up as you walk. So much sensory influx!

Each leaf seems to stand out in sharp contrast in the bright sun and the clear air. I mean, can you stand it? Sometimes I just can’t stand how beautiful it is. I walk around the trees and look up at them in awe. You can’t help but to feel better when it’s just so beautiful, even though it tugs at the back of your mind that all of it will be gone in just a few short weeks.

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