Friday Already?

I don’t quite know what to do about time these days. It distorts and changes. Today snuck up on me probably because there was no school on Monday. There was also a warm spell that filled the air with humidity and stillness. I felt transported back a few weeks into summer. Blessedly, a cold front came, and brought with it some rain, so now we are back in fall. I am out on the porch, and the golden leaves are falling. In the shade it is the slightest bit chilly, but if I walked out front in the sun I would probably be a little too warm. It’s the delightful conundrum of early fall.

Everything looks better in a bit of rain, especially fall leaves. The trail is plastered with the lemon yellow of black birch leaves. The crowded bunches of spindly striped maples are a luminescent pale yellow-green. There are sugar maples that turn such a peachy orange that I can’t compare it to anything else. Maybe it’s salmon? Coral? And the ferns are now past their pale yellow stage, a pale pumpkin color heading into copper. The whole forest glows with all this yellow and orange yet green is dominant if you look around. But not for long.


  1. perfectly put on all points. I find it uncanny how you so often write down the things I’ve been thinking.

  2. Yes! I feel like days off from school mess me up more now than when the kids were IN school. Ha. And this weather has been truly spectacular. ❤

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