Walking as Portal

I don’t think I ever wanted to be a part of this human world, even when I was very young. I think that’s why I like my walks so much, because when you are walking you are really in another dimension. It’s another world. I love the idea of portals and walking into the woods is one. The movement, the step after step, brings you to another place. Sometimes, you think for sure you are too tired to make it, but then for some reason you just do. You just keep going. A great practice for life itself.

So, it’s especially nice right now, to place one foot after another, and not be too concerned about where you are going. Stay on the trail. When so much is changing, and there is no evident future. I pass by the glistening ferns, that sway in the breeze, wet with the recent rain. I mingle with the red efts that are too many to count, and I walk slowly and carefully to not step on them. I look up at a blue hole in the tree canopy, the sky so far away. And I try to accept the changes, no matter what they bring.

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