Here They Come

The rain came, and we should get a bit more today. It’s still very hot and humid—perfect for fungi. I’ve had my eyes peeled for them the past week, but this morning felt closer than ever. The first good sign was seeing a profusion of ghost pipes, or monotropa uniflora, a plant that signifies to me that mushrooms aren’t far off.

I was looking for black trumpets and chanterelles, and although they are not out yet where I was, I found these little guys. There is hope.

It was a gorgeous morning. The light was hitting the dampened trees dramatically. The rocks were slick with rain, the paths clotted with needles, leaves, and branches. Red efts lounged on rafts made of soaked leaf litter. Soft spongy beds of moss where I found that delicate mushroom in the top photo*—perhaps a type of mycena?

*For some reason, when WordPress emails out these posts, the featured image does not get sent with it. It’s very frustrating, because it’s the featured image! I mean, that makes no sense. I’ve researched this a little to see if there is a way around it, but it doesn’t seem that there is a fix. Let me know if you know otherwise! Thanks.


  1. I sent this post to Dave yesterday and he went out searching last night. Nothing much to report, but a few too tiny to grab will hopefully be ready soon. 🙂

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