Red Efts

Who doesn’t love red efts? The young, terrestrial stage of the eastern newt, red eft start coming out in our area during end of June. It’s been really dry, so I hadn’t seen many until the rain we got last week. One evening I was out walking in the rain, and there were probably more than a hundred of them–maybe hundreds?–taking the opportunity to go where they needed to go. Where do they go? Where did they come from? I don’t know, but I said hello to each and every one of them (I really do). It was a long walk, needless to say, spent looking at the ground and moving slowly lest I step on one. Plus all the salutations.

Red efts are impossibly cute. Sometimes they look a little like muppets. Some are olive-brown and some can be very red, like the one below. They are mostly slow, but sometimes if you come close to them they wiggle crazily and run away. And then when the rain is gone, they disappear! They, like all salamanders, are very mysterious. I’ve only seen an adult Eastern newt once, so I really look forward to walks like this when I can’t even count them all.

Plastic Free July – I think I’ve already been doing this on my own for a long time now, but I thought I’d make it official.

Even the South Pole is Warming – Is this what doom scrolling is?

Omni-crisis – I found this article fascinating, but mostly due to the fact that the climate crisis was left off the list. I guess maybe because it’s a world crisis and not just pertaining to the U.S.? My inner pessimist seems oddly drawn to the idea of an omni-crisis, the ultimate rubbernecking.

Greens Pie – No crust! – I forgot to mention this the other day in my post on Greens. It uses a ton of greens, is quick and easy, and is so delicious.


  1. Ha, Dave took a pic of (just) one litle guy the other day. Also, “do not needlessly panic”? Oops. lol

  2. My boyfriend was at his hunting camp on Saturday, near Bashakill wetlands and said “There were tons of lizards!” I said “salamanders?” “Yes” lol

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