Spring Ramblings

IMG_1218 My goal here is to post once weekly, but sometimes things get away from me. As soon as I skip one week, writing the next week is even harder. It’s just a personal goal, mind you, but I do think it’s a good one so as to keep in writing shape. Some days I have several ideas for posts, and then when I sit down to write poof! it’s all gone. Does writing frustrate you like that? Sometimes I think it’s one of the hardest things in the world. I want so badly to write!! But then when I do it’s excruciatingly painful. Then I wonder: am I a writer?? Can I even call myself a writer, for goodness sakes? When all I do is want to write, instead of actually writing. Do you relate? I think you might. I went to lunch with a friend yesterday, and I confessed this worry: am I really a writer? She said I was certainly not the only writer who had that concern. I was thankful for that. And look! All that worrying and here I just wrote a whole paragraph. Huh. So, I’ll just call this one in, and tell you what I’ve been up to in the kitchen. Maybe next week I’ll really have something to say! Like: see those violets above? I spent a ten-minute idyll picking them, and suddenly I had the fantasy that I would candy them. I just used sugar and water, no egg whites–really just simple syrup–and it was time consuming and they didn’t really come out very pretty. A word to the wise? Candying flowers is not easy. IMG_1189 And this right here? Ramps herbes salées, inspiration from Joel and Dana at Well Preserved. I’m not sure you can call what I made herbes salées actually, seeing as how I just blended salt and ramps together. Regardless, it’s amazing. I’ve added it to many dishes, and it makes everything better. Add it to greek yogurt for a great dip, then thin that out with vinegar and oil to make a slaw dressing. You cannot go wrong. IMG_1208 The above is self-explanatory, but below is a slaw of romaine and cabbage with grated asparagus and carrots. I dressed it with the ramps herbes salées dressing. And that’s my new summer drink right there: seltzer with a splash of rosé, a dash of St. Germain, and a rangpur lime twist. I just can’t drink like I used to! IMG_1231 It’s been very, very hot here and abnormally dry for spring, so the garden, while thriving is moving slowly. The asparagus is very slow. But nonetheless, it’s still very exciting! Here’s to more rain! And–see you next week! IMG_1213

  1. What’s a dash of St. Germain? I love the violets especially that they are varigated. My South Florida version is a pale, pale lavender. Got them in Sanibel which has a native plant nursery. The slaw looks so good.
    Love, Mom

  2. Writing, as Dorothy Parker so astutely observed, is the art of applying the ass to the seat. You’ve put in your time and thus qualify. And it doesn’t fall on deaf ears! Always fun to know what you’re up to in the kitchen. And try that ramp salt! xo

  3. I love your posts and your written voice and what you choose to write about so keep at it. Though I know EXACTLY how you feel… I made some basil ramp pesto a day or two ago, some of which I added to mayo with lemon for an amazing aioli, some of which we will eat with pasta and asparagus tomorrow and some of which I may turn into a salad dressing.

    Trying to keep myself from obsessively watering our garden. Do you have a watering system or just use a hose?

    1. Oh, thank you, Eve! That’s so sweet. The water situation is out of hand! I can’t believe I’ve been using the sprinkler every day in mid-May. It’s crazy. (No system here, just the hose and sprinkler.)

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