Spring Equinox!


What happened this week that stopped me from writing here? Who knows? I mean, sure I was working, but I could have carved some space out. Could it be the business end of March bringing me to a creative standstill that only waiting out will fix?

Sometimes my problem is that I’m a daydreamer. I think that’s why I like to cook and garden in the relaxed (read: imperfect) style that I do. It keeps my hands busy while I space out and think about things. Not that I’m formulating anything great, mind you. I find that a good portion of my daydreaming is useless filler. I do have a few good thoughts but I’m always too far from a computer to log it down–for example, when I’m just about to fall asleep in bed. I’m sure you know this feeling. Or, while I’m out walking. To be fair, I’ve tried to making short recordings on walks to write down later on. I’ve noticed though, that when you revisit said brilliant thoughts they suddenly seem less than scintillating.

I know daydreaming is good for you–it’s where so many inventive ideas come from! But you know, you have to balance that daydreaming with some actual work, right? It’s not unlike people who point to photos of Einstein’s messy desk and proclaim their genius because they too are messy. Hmmm. Not really.

The garden, still frozen, is a far way off–though I have gotten a chance to do some pruning. And cooking starts to get so uninspired! Will it be soup tonight? Or stew? Comfort foods now feel heavy and suffocating, and crisp new green things have not yet brought about that feeling of lightness. I am watching the freezer thin and the pantry shelves become populated with empty jars.

But we are getting close, friends, close! As I stepped outside this morning on the back porch, everything covered with the few inches of snow that fell on the first day of spring, I still could hear the loud gathering taking place at the pond down the hill. Redwing blackbirds, their buzz and trill unmistakable, are gathering already. They know what time it is, despite the snow.

  1. Just wrote my monthly column for our local paper about transitional salads – raw slaws and chopped salads that help you disguise winter vegetables (carrots, celery, beets, kohlrabi) as something crisp and refreshing. Those asparagus and baby lettuces are still a ways off, despite the reassuring appearance of the red-winged blackbirds!

    1. Your article sounds great, Laura! Will it be possible for non-locals to read? Of course, I thought of you and your blackbirds as I wrote this. Also, I’ve been thinking of you because I finally stopped hoarding and opened up your tomato jam. And I am loving every wonderful spoonful of it!! xx

  2. It’s been at least three months and my triad of papaya tree is NOT PRODUCING!!! AS YOU’LL soon see, the mango trees are not so shy. Little nuggets are expanding.

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