Chicken in Whey


I was so excited to make all that ricotta and yogurt the other day that I forgot one thing. And that is: now I have SO much ricotta and yogurt! Not to mention whey. However, there are so many good things to do with all of them. Here’s a well-organized list, which mentions the idea of making a cocktail with whey. I’ve never thought of that. There were two comments on my post with other good suggestions for using whey.  One was for this whey and honey sorbet from Laura of Glutton For Life. I love this idea! The other was from Rebecca of Cakewalk who drinks it with lemon or lime. Of course she bakes and makes soup with it, too!

Whey does delightful things to slow cooked meat, tenderizing and adding richness. I had a whole chicken in the fridge and started searching for recipes that cooked chicken with milk, thinking I could substitute the whey for milk.  After reading this rave from The Kitchn, I decided to make Chicken in Whey based on Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk recipe. Sage, lemon, cinnamon and whey? Sounds a little strange, but truly, it was amazing. I served it with fingerling potatoes roasted in duck fat, and it was a rich meal that has us feeling pretty good about staying home on a Saturday night. (So good that all the photos I took were sub-par, but oh well!) I saved the chicken breast for another meal–shredded in quesadillas–and Steve commented that it reminded him of the chicken we used to get at a little Peruvian restaurant, El Pollo in NYC. Incredibly tender, rich and  so subtly flavored. I will make this one again for sure!

  1. sounds delish! Love me some whey–in place of water in overnight bread, in place of stock in soup or stew…this is a great addition to the arsenal.

    1. Janet- it is SO good. Today I made a soup with the leftover broth from this dish, a jar of roasted tomatoes, and some more whey, and it was amazing. Just keeps giving.

    1. I think the Kitchn post is like 6 years old, and the original recipe is even older. I missed the boat, but glad I’m on it now. It’s hard to find something new to do with a chicken, but this really wowed me. Buttermilk is a great idea, too, I bet that’s delicious!

  2. I love this as I have a freezer full of whey from paneer and making greek yogurt. I’ll put it to good use as it looks perfect for a Sunday supper. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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