Happy 2015!


What was the point of writing a post last month? I mean who was reading anything in December?  That’s what I kept on telling myself, anyway. For the new year, I gave my priorities a psychic chiropractic adjustment. The goals for this year are to read, think, walk, and hopefully, write more.  I never have to make a resolution to cook more or eat more, however, but I usually make resolutions to be more thoughtful about my eating and cooking life. Honestly, the resolutions stay the same, and it’s easy to think I’m not actually getting better! But it’s a work in progress, as they say.

I started the year with reading Tiny Beautiful Things, which I know I will finish in a few days, and I’m already sad about that. I recently found and read this, and it prompted a Cheryl Strayed phase. I will admit that I’ve never read the Rumpus Dear Sugar column, or Wild and certainly haven’t seen the movie (that will probably take another several years). Sometimes when things are so huge I ignore them even though they just might be brilliant. This is one of those times, I think.

I’ve been thinking and walking a lot in the past few days, and I’ve started documenting this on Instagram  so I can see how much I’ve walked. We’ll see how long I last with this project, but right now it seems to be motivating me to get outside and that’s a good thing in the winter. I might as well be saying my new year’s resolution is to breathe more–do I really need to think more? Or walk more? Well, I do. I really should put breathing on the list as well. We could all use some thoughtful breathing. Or maybe just more thoughtfulness.

As far as food goes, Winter cooking is in full gear, and the sugar and fat of the holidays is now a thing of the past. I don’t think I over did it, but I still have a drawer full of chocolate that sometimes causes me great joy as well as buzzy anxiety. Sometimes I want to eat it all just to get rid of it. But I’m trying to be moderate, and allowing small bits here and there. I’ve been making lots of bread, and lots of soup. Yup, it’s winter!

And I have to say: thank you, winter. Yes, you heard me. This is such a special time–it’s miserable out (at least here in the Hudson Valley) and by March I will have broken out in hives and will dig in any patch of dirt that the snow has melted off of, but it’s really such a beneficial time. It’s filling the well time, and it should be utilized accordingly. All this staring out the window, and watching movies and reading books are just what I need right now.

The other day I had the first flash of what I wanted to grow this summer. It was a tingle of excitement that I haven’t felt in a long time. The summer and fall can leave one burnt with activity. I’ve felt a deep ennui with cooking and preserving, and it has forced me into my cookbook collection, to dust them off to learn, to be inspired again. So, thanks to winter, I am being forced to think about who I am and who I want to be, and just how to do it. Here’s to a work in progress!

  1. WAY too familiar with the “eating the chocolate just to be rid of it” principle, but nodding more comfortably to all the other points. If you want to really sink deep into the darkness of the season, try Cheryl Strayed’s Torch. Hang on to some chocolate as an antidote though.

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