Merry Christmas!


Here’s wishing you and yours a peaceful and loving day! We are celebrating quietly at home. Last night we had a feast of three fishes, which ended up being two because we were so full. Shrimp cocktail–because I think I’ve loved shrimp cocktail since I was five–with a glass of prosecco. Then, after noshing on a cheese plate with spiced nuts and olives, we had brandade de morue on toasts fried in olive oil. That is one rich treat. And so simple! We had a nice French chardonnay with that. I think we watched The Grinch twice. My son had crackers for dinner because he just couldn’t be bothered with eating. There was too much to anticipate!!

We watched Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special (on Netflix! such a star-studded cast–Charo!! Grace Jones!!)  after our son went to sleep and the presents were all under the tree. We had my latest favorite drink: rye with a splash of Barenjager, a cherry and lemon peel for fun. And then I looked at the clock, as my husband snored on the couch–it was 10:20. Our son is an early riser, especially on Christmas morning. Indeed, he woke at 5:15, rustling in his sheets. We managed to keep him snuggled with us until 5:40, and then we relented, the poor thing, bringing him downstairs to glory in the abundance under the heretofore empty tree.

He is now building a Lego cargo truck, as I type, and Steve is back on the couch. And I’m thinking about my small cache of treats, several excellent books: Prune, Tartine Bread, and Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Practical Pantry. And a really large bar of marzipan which I can’t wait to bite into (okay, I bought that one for myself). The sockeye we were supposed to eat last night is this morning’s breakfast, simply roasted in butter and capers with scrambled eggs and toast. Maybe some home smoked bacon too? Of course we started with cinnamon rolls and coffee. We haven’t opened up the homemade coffee liqueur a friend gifted us, but it might come in handy soon! Dinner later on will be roast  beast, of course, at the request of our son. Finished with a gingerbread house (will we really eat it?) and a backup raspberry Linzer tart. Ice cream. Fizzy cherry juice. More wine. More chocolates.

But before dinner, we’ll go for a Christmas walk in our nearby woods, contemplating and feeling thankful for the abundance we are blessed with. It’s a beautiful day, clear and blue skied at the moment, after a few days of heavy rain. We don’t mind no snow, and feel fine that it’s almost 50 degrees. Joy!

I hope you are having a wonderful day as well! Merry Christmas!

  1. I love that you bought yourself a large bar of marzipan, Julia. Even though my daughters are much older than your son, rarely does someone remember that this is what I want for Christmas too…
    your soul-sister,

  2. Merry Christmas, Julia! “More wine. More chocolates.” That is exactly what we did, too. We also enjoyed a mid-afternoon walk along the trail near our house. It was a little colder here in CO – it even began to snow after dark! It sounds like you really enjoyed your holiday. 🙂

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