Black Fig and Pear Jam with Honey and Vanilla


The other day I came home from the grocery store with a bag of perfectly ripe organic pears that needed to be eaten immediately. They were on sale, and I knew I had some good jam-making pears on my hands. In the same trip, I spied a basket of fresh figs that I could not resist even though they were a pretty penny. When I brought them home and put them both on a beautiful platter, I knew they needed to be together.

This is such a special jam. I knew when I first tasted it, I would have to tell the world. It’s a delicate jam, and tastes of fresh fruit while still being rich because of the honey and vanilla. It’s both simple and complex. It was great in a bowl on it’s own, as well as with  yogurt, and equally good spooned onto homemade toast. I know this is probably one to keep for fall, when our pears and figs ripen, but you might have these things on hand now.


Black Fig and Pear Jam with Honey and Vanilla

yield: one pint jar for the fridge

4 pears, very ripe, I used d’Anjou

6 fresh black figs

juice of 1/2 tangelo, and some zest (I loved the tangelo as it’s acidic and tart, but a tangerine or clementine or even an orange would be fine)

honey, about 1/4 cup

1-2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, depending on your tastes (or vanilla bean of course, but I had none)

pinch-1/8th teaspoon pink himalayan salt (sounds crazy but it makes the flavors pop)

a grind of pepper

Add all ingredients into a heavy-bottomed pot. Stir gently to combine. Put on medium heat. Once it’s at a low boil, keep an eye on it. Depending on how soft your fruit is, it might take only ten minutes. When you feel it is done (turns pinkish from the figs, thickens, the pears edges soften and the fruits seem to meld with each other fully) ladle into a jar. When cooled a bit, stick it in the fridge. Should last as long as you can stand to not eat it. Mine went within a week.

    1. Thanks, Jayme! I think some vanilla beans would really up the ante on the quality of this little number. Maybe next time I have pears and figs on hand!

  1. Beautiful. I can taste this one, Jules. (For real, I can . . . no sugar!) And I love orange flavors with fig. Bookmarking for fall.

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