Potted Cheese


There are times when  a few neatly-wrapped ends of cheese will linger in my fridge. Instigated by a frugal move at the end of a cocktail hour, these bits of still-good cheese are well intentioned, but can pile up. I always use up cheese bits in some way—they can be a treasure. I had planned a cheese shortbread, and indeed used up some gorgonzola with a fig and cheese tart, but the bits of cheese were growing in number. My action plan was simple: potted cheese.

I poached a recipe, originally adapted from Jane Grigson, from this article on using up left over cheese. I used three random chunks of cheese: a gorgonzola, double cream d’Affinois, and a mystery cheese that I can’t remember the name of, but it was hard and a bit stinky. Seems a bit cacophonous, doesn’t it?  Remove the rinds, and chop them into chunks, and put them in the food processor. I added about 4 ounces of cream cheese, also in chunks, to smooth things over but butter would work as well. Add a few teaspoons of sherry, port or fruit liqueur–in my case I used a home made cherry almond liqueur, and it went perfectly.

After a few grinds of pepper, the resulting puree was smoothed in a wide-mouth half-pint Kerr jar, topped with very good olive oil. It’s now ready for a new cocktail. Serve on toasts, or with crackers. I am guessing you could also pop this in the freezer without any worry of losing flavor or consistency. UPDATE: this freezes beautifully!


  1. I make this all the time, often blending in fresh herbs. It keeps in the fridge for quite a while, especially topped with olive oil, but as far as I know you can’t freeze cheese!

    1. I meant to mention putting in herbs! Thank you for mentioning it!

      Regarding freezing cheese: well, it is a personal matter. I wouldn’t freeze a “good” cheese, of course, but I’ve frozen mozzarella (for pizza) and it’s fine. Ditto cream cheese. I thought this would freeze good because it’s high fat, and the texture–being a spread–would be fine. But, of course, I have not tried it. Maybe I’ll put it in the freezer just to check.

  2. Never thought about doing this – I’ve used the bits to make a mac and cheese, but this sounds great!

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