(Grain-Free!) Chocolate Chip Cookies


Back in the beginning of December, I had the good  fortune to have lunch with a couple of blogging pals, among them Winnie Abramson of Healthy Green Kitchen. She ever so kindly gave me a copy of her book, One Simple Change, and while I gave her some caramels that I made, I’m certain it was an extremely uneven exchange in my favor. The book gives advice on how to slowly transform your life into a healthier one, using 50 attainable goals from being more mindful to eating better for  both you and the planet.

I’ve had her book handy since that day, paging through it’s dense but approachable pages, enjoying her no-nonsense and sage advice, that is backed by evident research. A lot of work went in to this book, and it shows in the best possible way. Smart, delicious and easy recipes stud the book. Among the eye-catchers for me were spicy lacto-fermented pickles and a sardine salad. And–no surprise here that this one was a keeper– a recipe for gluten-free and grain-free chocolate chip cookies. Perfect right now that I’m in the midst of my gluten-free adventure.

Listen up: these cookies totally delivered: toothsome, lofty and light, with a crispy exterior and a soft yielding interior. You can get the recipe either in her book–which I recommend, especially for the person in your life who may need some nudging to make some healthy guided changes in their life–or in this link. I did make a few changes, because I’m annoying that way, and that was to dial down both the coconut sugar and the chocolate chips to 1/2 cup (both originally 1 cup). It might seem sacrilegious, but I can never add a cup of chips to a chocolate chip cookie recipe. I like an even ratio of chocolate to dough. I also sprinkled a little Maldon salt on a few out of the oven, just for me. My favorite.

The second best thing about this recipe (the first being the actual cookie) is that it incited me to make my own coconut flour. Easiest thing you’ve ever done. I can’t tell you how many recipes I’ve passed over for lack of coconut flour. It is one of my very favorite kinds of techniques: one in which minimal effort yields the maximum result. I started out with a cup of dried unsweetened coconut flakes and ended with 3 cups of coconut milk and almost a cup of coconut flour. Pure, organic genius. I used this tutorial, but there are many on the internet. Using my dehydrator to dry out the coconut pulp over night worked great, but you can use your oven as well. I implore you to make your own coconut flour! And then bake these cookies. You can thank me later.


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