Freezer Burn

Black and blue.

Freezing is one of my favorite ways to preserve food. I’m sure I like it best because it’s quick and easy. I just throw things in, especially when summer is at it’s peak of abundance. However, this leaves me with a chest freezer full of strange stuff. Like last week’s post talked about using up the jars in the pantry, it’s also my goal to use up everything in the freezer but soon. I swear I’m going to do it by end of April. Because last year I forgot to defrost the freezer. Bad preserver!

I started in earnest yesterday, and you can see what I’m doing via Instagram. There’s some mass preserving going on. Lots of fruit is finding it’s way into jam jars (making my earlier pantry conundrum a little more complicated!). I have a few jams prepped; one of them is the above blueberry-blackberry. I am really excited for this one. It’s surprising to me to think of a jam I haven’t made, but it actually happens a lot!

I had quite a few bags of citrus peel that I had intended to make into candied peel, but I just didn’t have it in me. I pulled them all out of the freezer. Some of them are now in the basement steeped in white vinegar to make citrus cleaner. And some, these lovely rangpur lime skins below, I decided to dehydrate. They came out so gorgeously orange, and retained their smoky citrus-y smell. Sometimes, when you are faced with the urgency of figuring out what to do with your food, you come up with some great ideas. I am thinking an herbal tea blend with these beauties.

Helen platter by Mondays.

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