Citrus and the Long Winter


What have I been doing lately with citrus? Really just eating it out of hand (Cara cara navels have been very good, clementines as I mentioned earlier haven’t been so great), and drinking pressed juice (3 temple oranges from Florida yield an impressive full cup of juice). Last year I didn’t get with the citrus frenzy, and it worked out just fine. My mother sent me a small bit sour oranges and limes, if memory serves, and I still have candied peel, and frozen peel in the freezer. And a full quart of triple sec! This year I declined her offer. No, says I, I will resist the siren song of the winter citrus deluge. Though I do love being a voyeur and seeing the picture parade of gorgeous Meyer lemons on Facebook (so many from the amazing Lemon Ladies Orchards), piles of peels on Instagram, and all the lovely recipes lined up in my Feedly page. I will have to live vicariously.

You need certain things to find your way through winter. Citrus is one of them. After getting so much done on Tuesday, I allotted myself a half hour to go for a walk. Seeing as how we intend to get another foot of snow on Thursday, and might be snowed in for two days, I saw it as a necessity, and I will do the same today.  The sky was that stark winter blue, and at 2:30 the sun was at a perfect slanting angle. It was sharply cold—18 degrees?—but half way through the walk I was perfectly warm in my puffy apple-green down coat.

Winter blue.
Winter blue.

The hiking trails are dented and frozen, not to mention treacherous with ice, so I went for a neighborhood walk for ease and speed.. All the houses looked sleepy under their fat caps of white, some with a full set of sharp looking toothy icicles. The juncoes and the sparrows were pipping around on the sides of the roads where slashes of dirt and dead grass were exposed for them to search for seeds. I swear I heard a red-wing blackbird, usually a harbinger of spring to me, but it might have been a grackle or starling. I’ve been seeing flocks of bluebirds all over my yard. I know everyone is complaining about the winter—you can’t avoid talking about it anywhere you go, just like heatwaves in summer—but I really think we’re close to spring. The snow doesn’t mean a thing.

Here’s some citrusy links to cheer us winter-bound folks up:

Happy to see Laundry Etc. writing again, giving us this Blood Orange, Rhubarb and Cardamom marmalade.

Which reminds me of Hitchhiking to Heaven’s quince-orange-cardamom marmalade, which is stellar. First hand knowledge.

The translucent orange of Local Kitchen’s Kumquat habanero marmalade is like stained glass. Don’t forget her citrus peels page!

Mixed citrus marmalade from Cakewalk. Gorgeous!

Buttermilk cake with Meyer lemon from Hip Girls Home.

Love this simple citrus salad from Eating From the Ground Up, and all the writerly links.

This picture from Food in Jars was one of the photos that gave me a pang of citrus envy. I also love the link to parsnip cake, which I need to make!

I’ve been meaning to make this cake from My Pantry Shelf for a few months now…

This cake from White on Rice Couple just looks ethereal.

And some sunny music:

Love Love Love

Who Loves the Sun

Summer’s Cauldron

Cara cara navels.

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